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Why Choose Henry Hottie?


Originally designed to provide warmth and support to an ailing pet, Henry Hottie beds have quickly become recognised as a complete therapeutic pet bed.

Frequent feedback highlighting the difference a Henry Hottie bed made for an arthritic dog or cat, pets with hip dysplasia and numerous other muscular and joint issues, has resulted in recognition of Australia's leading Veterinary Rehabilitation Hospital. 

As it is the ONLY pet bed available with thermally-bonded fibres, Henry Hottie is well placed to become Australia's leading and most recognised pet bed.



The patented fibres in a Henry Hottie bed are thermally-bonded. When the animal rests on the bed their body heat activates the thermal bonding which then traps the developing warmth in the bed.

Where the joints press into the bed the most is where the greatest concentration of warmth is. This protective warmth around the joints prevents stiffness, which in turn relieves and in some cases prevents joint pain.



The densely layered thermally-bonded fibres prevent the animal from sinking to the floor. Ordinarily soft, sparse bedding causes the muscles and joints to overcompensate in order to restore balnce to the body. However with a Henry Hottie bed, they will experience all over support.



Henry Hottie mattresses are inhospitable to fleas mites and pests. 



Unlike many pet beds on the market, Henry Hottie beds are free of any harmful chemical residue. In fact, the fibres are endorsed by the Asthma Foundation. As we do not use fire retardants due to the health risk to your pet, please be mindful to keep your Henry Hottie a safe distance from heaters, candles, open flames, or similar heat sources.



The Covers are available in 2 seasons. Anti-chill polar fleece for Winter, 100% cooling cotton for Summer.


Apart from being hard-wearing and functional, our covers are also available in a large range of colours and patterns. With so many fashionable styles you are bound to find a cover to match your home decor.



A Henry Hottie mattress will rarely require washing, however our covers are machine washable and can be line or air-dried. 

In the event of soiling, simply remove the outer cover, hose the mattress and elevate flat in sunshine. The mattress will dry within a few hours.







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