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Caring for your Henry Hottie Bed


A Henry Hottie Bed is made to last. With proper care, you will have your Henry Hottie Bed for many years.

Water-repellent Beds & Sets

While Henry Hottie Beds are designed with Bionic FinishEco water-repellency, our beds are not designed to be outdoor beds and exposed to the elements. To truly get the best out of your Henry Hottie bed, keep it inside or at least protected from rain, snow, and frost and direct sunlight (to prevent fading).

We recommend that the bed cover be removed and washed once a month, and the mattress placed in direct sunlight. This will help the fibres plump up to their original loft (height). 

Original Cotton Drill Beds & Sets

The outer cover of the Original Henry Hottie bed, is very durable. The GOTS Certified 100% Cotton Drill cover is made with a tight weave which prevents most dirt from penetrating. If muddy paws walk across the bed, let the mud dry and simply brush off. Although not UV resistant, the cotton drill cover does keep its colour for a long time. 


Hemp Beds

Our Hemp bed covers are the strongest in the range. Three times stronger than cotton, Hemp is also UV and mold resistant. It is still advised that these beds are protected fom the elements and kept inside. 



Mattress: Wipe with dry towelling. Take outside and hose thoroughly, both sides. Elevate the mattress in direct sunlight and it will dry within a few hours.

Outer cover: Take cover off bed. Either hose or put in the washing machine of someone you don't like. Wash as normal in cold water with a dash of vinegar. Line dry.


If you have a puppy or adolescent who chews, don't deprive them of a bed!

We humans can be a funny species and like our hounds to respect the value of the items we purchase for them. They don't. Not because they don't value items, valuing 'things' is a foreign concept to a dog, unless it's a bone...

If your pup chews, there is a good chance he will leave his Henry Hottie alone.The absence of chemicals in the bed will make it less appealing as a chew toy.

If, however, a little nibble occurs, just take the bed away when you won't be around to supervise and return the bed to your pup at night so he can have a proper, supported, rejuvenating sleep.



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