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Our Story


Henry - Our Inspiration

My little cat Henry was unwell from birth.

Testing every type of bed I could find, nothing seemed to afford Henry a restful sleep. Being so thin he was always cold, yet as soon as I put blankets on him he would overheat.

As Henry's caretaker on this earth, I had chosen to be completely responsible for his wellbeing, yet was constantly arriving at dead-ends and roadblocks as to how I could afford him a better quality of life. I needed to look in a different direction.

So I decided to design and custom-make a bed that complemented Henry's sleeping posture, surrounded him with warmth and generated enough heat to ensure he was always comfortable, without overheating. At the same time though, the bed needed to be cool in summer.

I started by contacting an Australian manufacturer of non-toxic 'green' insulation fibres (ie no flame retardant, formaldehyde etc) and trialled their thermal fibres - it worked!

For Henry's last twelve months on this Earth, he was able to enjoy the best comfort life could offer him, before crossing over the Rainbow Bridge at six years of age.

Word soon spread about Henry's bed and fellow pet lovers were wanting to know how they could also get their hands on this bed for their furkds and we learnt that there was a widespread desire for a bed designed specifically for a cat. Requests then started coming in for dog beds. Our muse was Henry's canine brother, Stanley. 

Stan is a Groodle (Golden Retriever x Standard Poodle) and he became my challenge - if I could make a dog bed that Stan would sleep on in winter and summer, I was onto a winner!

After much trial and error, the perfect dog bed was made. The bed offered Stan comfort, warmth in winter, was cool in summer, was easy care, and offered therapeutic benefit particularly to his joints.

And that is the origin of Henry Hottie.


Henry 24th May 2004 - 13th October 2010


The team here at Henry Hottie is comprised of passionate, animal loving people. To work with us you must love animals. It is our belief that animals can feel the energy of the bed maker.

We are all pet guardians, whether directly or as fur-grandparents, uncles and aunts.


We exist to provide therapeutic, comfortable, supportive bedding for cats and dogs and any animal that chooses to lay on our beds.

We give the same consideration to designing our pet beds as we would for human bedding. Our materials will always be top quality and the finish will be the best on the market.

Whether your pet needs joint support, extra warmth, cooling down, loves camping, or needs some luxury to see out its twilight years, we have the product for you.

To us, our pets are our family, so we promise to continue improving our products wherever necessary and designing products to improve the wellbeing of all pets who use Henry Hottie.


At Henry Hottie we want your experience with us to be memorable, for all the right reasons! 

Your feedback is always much appreciated as it helps us to be even better.

Got something to say about our products, our website, or our service? We'd love to hear it!

If you are looking for a specific cover pattern or colour that we don't currently stock, please contact us and let us know and we'll make every attempt to source it for you.


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