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Why Choose Henry Hottie?


Henry Hottie Pet Beds are in a league of their own - the ONLY patented therapeutic pet bed in the world!

Designed to support the needs of an animal experiencing discomfort from arthritis hip/elbow displaysia, in post-op recovery, and those who just love a good nights sleep in a great bed.  

All Henry Hottie products are 100% safe and non-toxic to support the health of your pet, your home and the environment. Completely devoid of toxic chemicals, Henry Hottie products are certified free from formaldehyde, chemical chlorides, fire retardants, and *fluro-carbons (*in our water repellent range).

Cover options include our 100% GOTS Certified cotton drill or Organic hemp fabric.


The patented fibres in a Henry Hottie Bed are thermostatic to create warmth in winter and coolness in summer. When your animal rests on the bed, their body heat activates the thermostatic fibres which then trap the developing warmth in the bed. Where joints and weight press into the bed the most is where the greatest concentration of warmth is experienced. This protective warmth around the joints prevents stiffness, which in turn relieves, and in some cases, prevents joint pain. The warmth achieved is species-appropriate and your pet will never over heat.

The densely layered thermostatic fibres in the dual layer mattress prevent the animal from sinking to the floor. Ordinary soft and sparse bedding can cause muscles and joints to overcompensate in order to restore balance to the body. However with a Henry Hottie Bed, they will experience complete all-over support.


Henry Hottie beds have always been Australian Made with the exception of our water-repellent range. In 2017 Henry Hottie was granted the license for exclusive use of the worlds only toxin-free water-repellent textile application 'Bionic Finish Eco'. A German technology, Bionic Finish Eco is made without the harmful chemical fluorocarbon. This chemical contaminates waterways, the ground, our pets and us. 

When a pet rests on a water-repellent or waterproof bed, if their fur is wet and drips onto the surface of the bed, the water droplets form and absorb polymers. These polymers are essentially melamine and they stick to the pets coat. When the pet grooms they ingest these polymers which then breakdown in the gut and are absorbed into the blood stream. 

The water-repellent range was manufactured overseas which felt like having someone else raise your child - sounds convenient but in the long term can be pretty stressful. We have suspended the range until the application is available to us here in Australia. 

All of other beds have always been made here in Australia and will continue to be. 



Our fibres are made from renewable resources and are biodegradable. The raw materials will not polute the air, water or soil.

Our thermal bedding fibres are free from:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Flame retardant
  • Chemical Chlorides
  • Has Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Has the lowest Volatile Organic Compound rating, making it the most environmentally friendly thermal fibres on the planet!




A Henry Hottie mattress will rarely require washing, however our covers are machine-washable and can be line or tumble-dried. In the event of soiling, simply remove the outer cover, hose the mattress, and elevate flat in sunshine. The mattress will dry within a few hours. Henry Hottie's hydrophobic and thermostatic fibres repel moisture and help your bed dry.


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